Work more efficiently, manage more intelligently:

Our pioneering resource management software

Resource management

Administration of the future: Tailor-made digitalisation

Seamless management of work tools, staff and resources is essential in every business sector. Where pen and paper once dominated, the digital and location-independent approach has prevailed today. COMTEC develops customised solutions, precisely tailored to your individual requirements. Our goal is clear: simple, precise and efficient management. We realise this through a wide range of integrable and powerful modules.

Modules for digital management:

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Intelligent software for smooth resource management

At COMTEC, we talk about solutions that are more than just promises. Our software provides you with reliable tools to master challenges, prevent organisational conflicts and make your resource management as effortless as possible. In addition to intelligent functions, this means maximum user-friendliness and uncomplicated operability. Instead of immersing yourself in lengthy familiarisation courses, you can start simplifying your administrative tasks straight away.

Scalable solutions for dynamic resource management

The modular structure of our applications offers a decisive advantage:

Our software is scalable throughout, which makes it easy to expand and develop. This allows you to react flexibly to changes and take advantage of new opportunities for optimisation.

We also support you beyond implementation by continuously evaluating the application in practice - for a solution that suits you perfectly!

Efficient processes with additional functions:

Seamless integration: COMTEC RM and your IT infrastructure

Already during the development of your individual solution, we take into account the requirements of your existing IT infrastructure. In this way, we ensure that a seamless integration and connection of COMTEC RM within your software landscape is possible.

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Work more efficiently, manage more intelligently:

Our pioneering resource management software

  • Tailored to your requirements and easily expandable
  • Individually designed and expandable at any time
  • Modularity for flexible solutions
  • Seamless integration into existing systems
  • Your choice: Hosting or On-Premise

Experience the difference: Let's go!

What could your future optimised workflow look like? A complex question that we would like to answer in a simple and illustrative way - true to the motto: A picture is worth a thousand words. Book your programme tour now, free of charge and without obligation.

Time saving

Complete your tasks quickly and reliably: Our software simplifies your processes and provides real-time information on resource availability, bookings and much more. And all this while avoiding unnecessary additional manual effort.

Process automation

COMTEC RM thinks for you: And it does so digitally and straightforwardly in an automatable workflow. From order confirmation to the dispatch of contracts and invoicing - sustainable and paperless. Always keep an eye on your tasks with the live dashboard.


The functionalities are intuitive to use. A user-friendly interface facilitates the management of your processes and tasks.

Cost optimisation

Use COMTEC RM to optimise the management of your rooms and resources. Vacancy and overbooking are a thing of the past. Maximise the use of your resources and reduce your operating costs at the same time.

Effective teamwork

Work together as a team to plan events and functions. Easily share relevant information with everyone involved in the project and ensure smooth collaboration.

Seamless calendar integration

Keep track of your appointments with our seamless integration of popular calendar apps. Manage your appointments across different platforms and avoid double bookings.

Dedicated customer support and comprehensive training

Our dedicated service team is at your disposal to provide quick help and support. In addition, we offer interactive training for administrators and users to provide you with the necessary know-how. This allows you to make the most of the full potential of our software.

Flexibility and scalability

COMTEC RM offers you the flexibility you need. Our system can be easily adapted to your changing requirements. It grows with your tasks and can be individually expanded at any time to develop optimally within your company's development.


With continuous further development and adaptation of the system to the latest technological developments, including regular programme updates, we offer you the certainty of a future-proof investment.

Licensing models

We offer you flexible licensing options that are tailored precisely to your usage requirements. Our transparent pricing guarantees you a clear overview without hidden costs.

Analysis and reporting

Evaluate performance and identify trends with customised reports and analysis.

Integration into your systems

Use interfaces for seamless integration into your existing IT landscape and workflows. Our software is compatible with a wide range of renowned tools and systems.

Your optimised workflow

Ready for a change? Start now!

What could your future optimised workflow look like? We would like to answer this question for you vividly - after all, a picture is worth a thousand words. Book your free and non-binding programme tour now.

Why our customers recommend us

Modern, efficiency-driven resource management is the goal of our software solutions. And if we believe our customers, we regularly achieve this goal with flying colours.

The digital transformation was a milestone for us together with COMTEC! The informative software tour and the outstanding customer orientation have convinced us to make our previously manual work processes contemporary. If only we had known earlier how easy resource management can be... A big thank you to the RM experts from Sauerland!

Client: Municipality

For decades, we managed our resources classically with pen and paper. The constantly increasing demands on our internal processes regularly led to paper jams and opaque processes. Since implementing COMTEC RM, we have not only optimised our own processes, but have also received positive feedback from our customers. The investment in COMTEC's digital resource management has already paid off for us.

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Launching into the digital future together

We are at your side from the very beginning and design the processes together with you:

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